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Automation Hub Private Repository

1 minute read

Background We want to allow users to create they own collection under company namespace, but not sharing with the rest of the Hub users

Use Kerberos for AAP PostgreSQL Connection

2 minute read

We have Red Hat Identity Management (IdM) setup in the lab to provide Kerberos authentication. This how-to will demonstrate setting up AAP to connect to its...

Using the ansible.controller credential module

1 minute read

The awx.awx.credential or ansible.controller.credential cannot see the secret value of existing credential, so it compares other fields in the inputs to dete...

Launch AAP job via REST API

1 minute read

We want to launch AAP job from shell script. The job template has Limit, Instance Groups and Variables set with Prompt on launch enabled, so users can provi...

Setup AAP Controller to trust a CA cert

less than 1 minute read

AAP Controller does not read system PKI directory. So adding CA cert to /etc/pki/ca-trust/source/anchors directory and run update-ca-trust is not enough. I...